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From Women to Women – The Role of Women in Developing Communities
Held at the UNICEF center in Beijing, the purpose of this event was for people from different backgrounds to share their experiences regarding enhancing women’s roles in their own communities. Marieke Reichwein addressed issues concerning the Village People Project’s Malidoulaixi Bathhouses, local entrepreneurship, and the lives of rural women.

Zhang Yanli, Program Officer, UNICEF

Xu Rong, Cultural Development Centre for Rural Women

Slide text: Suicide Prevention and Training Rural Women
Every year about 170,000 women in rural areas commit suicide. Nationwide about 287,000 people commit suicide. People attempting suicide amount up to 2 million. Suicide is ranking 5th in causes of death in China. The project partners in suicide prevention are Zhengding Township, Xindong City, Qinglong Township and Haixing Township.

H.E Kristin A Árnardóttir, Icelandic Ambassador to the Republic of China

Wu Qing, Founder and Director of Rural Women ( 农家女 ) http://www.nongjianv.org

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