Deshin in Shijiezi

In December 2011 Duan Jun and Zhang Yuchang of the architecture firm Deshin (located in Shanghai) visited the village of Shijiezi in Gansu province. For this village, which houses 40 families or so, the local water supply is a network of cellars that collect rainwater, along with a small hot spring at the bottom of the valley.

VPP and Deshin are looking into the possibility of constructing a mini-bathhouse while making the most efficient use of the areas natural resources. Water samples were collected by Deshin in order to test the quality of the water and a possible location for the mini-bathhouse was found in the village. Deshin will design a mini-bathhouse concept based on the local conditions.

Shijiezi is the hometown of the artist Jin Le who’s sculptures are installed in the village making it into an open air museum. Nearby is a daoist temple that is frequently visited by tourists.

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