Construction continues in Sunjiacun

Construction of the roof and shower stalls continues at Sunjiacun. There will be another update in December with more photographs. Everyone is looking forward to the Sunjiacun Malidoulaxi Bathhouse Grand Opening in the Spring of 2012.

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Progress in Sunjiacun

Before the weather gets too cold lots of progress is made on the fourth(!) Malidoulaixi Bathhouse situated in Sunjiacun, Shanxxi province.

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Showerheads for Sunjiacun

Efficient showerheads are crucial for an energy efficient and eco-friendly bathhouse. The ones pictured below will be used in our Sunjiacun bathhouse. The waterflow varies from 1.9 to 3.785 liters per minute which saves up to 70% water compared to regular showerheads. Less water usage means less energy is needed to heat the water and less money is spent on financing the energy resources.

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Job posting for Project Manager at VPP

This position has now been filled. Stay in touch with VPP News for future job postings.

This is an exciting time to join a young organization where you can make a difference.
The Project Manager (PM) will be responsible for the planning, monitoring and implementating specific projects within the rural area around Baoji (Shaanxi province) and Tianshui (Gansu province) and/or any other regions as designated. Working in close coordination with the Community Relations Officer, the Board of Directors, and relevant partners (corporate and individual) the PM will plan, develop and implement the projects as efficiently as possible.

Interested? Click the link below to download the 2-page .pdf of VPP’s description of, and current requirements for, this Project Manager position.


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Update from Sunjiacun

It’s been a busy summer in Sunjiacun; a groundbreaking ceremony on the bathhouse site, construction materials brought in, and finding a local social entrepreneur to manage the project.

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Saint-Gobain visits VPP bathhouses

Rini and Ella Quirijns visit VPP bathhouses in the summer of 2011
Rini Quirijns, Managing Director of Saint-Gobain Construction Products, together with Ella Quirijns, spent part of their 2011 holidays on a tour of the Village People Project bathhouses in Sanquan and Xifeng. Last year their visit was cancelled due to floods in the area.

Saint-Gobain Construction Products has provided materials, training and supervision for the insulation work of the bathhouses in Xifeng and Sanquan. Good insulation and ventilation are part of an eco-friendly approach that helps the bathhouses save a lot on coal for heating, guarantees a pleasant indoor climate, and extends the lifecycle of the buildings.

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Gates Foundation and sanitation

A short Chinese language video on the Gates Foundation’s efforts for sanitation around the world.

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